Hello there, My name is David. This is just a place for me to share music, current affairs, books etc that I care about…. as well as bits and pieces of my own poetry. Nothing more….. The blog title may seem sad, but it’s not meant to be, as I love night and darkness more […]

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Oh Hungary, What Have You Done??

Oh Hungary, what have you done….? Two nights ago on a long coach journey back to Nottingham, I put on my headphones and tuned in to an opposition radio station in Hungary to follow the early results of the national elections with a glimmer of hope that the ever increasing hatred, division, corruption and outright […]

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Eva Dahlgren

  Eva Dahlgren is not a name familiar to many outside of Sweden, although maybe Danes , Finns and Norwegians will have heard of her. She is the writer and singer of the most beautiful music. I first came across her when sitting in my flat in Tampere, Finland, where I spent 2 years in […]

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Marc Almond, O.B.E

  Congratulations to Marc Almond on his OBE in the New Year Honours List. I have a mixed opinion of any ‘honours’ system, and our New Year Honours System in the UK has often been a political tool, and a way to rub the back of someone who has done you a favour. And so […]

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Pour Toujours

For the moment a work in progress reconsituting from memory a poem I wrote 25 years ago… to be completed in the next day or two.   Parti pour toujours Oh, mon amour je suis si lourde mais je marche et je cours   Toi tu dors sous la terre sous la mousse et la […]

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Joe Orton Laid Bare

Cobbled together from a couple of posts I made elsewhere on the recent BBC 2 docudrama ‘Joe Orton Laid Bare: A great programme- really interesting from the point of view of examining playwright Orton’s time in the limelight and his public life, but (as far as my limited knowledge goes) not great at digging much […]

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Tom Robinson

  I really enjoy Tom Robinson’s programmes on BBC6 Music. Such a great range of music and a genial host with a wonderfully radio-friendly voice. I also remember his songs from the late 70s/early 80s…. 2468 Motorway, Up Against The Wall, Glad to Be Gay, Martin… and my favourite of all, War Baby. (I’d forgotten […]

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Orange Zebra

Back in 1993, I wrote this silly little verse as a tribute to my best friend Zoltán Zèbre Orange Là-bas Tu vois? Ah bon? mais Non!

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When I was living in Paris in the late 80s/early 90s, I wrote what I loosely called ‘poems’ in French and English. I have long since lost the book I wrote them in, but this one sprang to mind as I lay in bed in the early hours of this morning. Surprisingly, after all these […]

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